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Q: How do I convert a Trial license to a Full license?

A: In ESET MSP Administrator 2, you can convert the existing trial license to a full license. If you choose this option, the system asks you to enter a quantity for the requested Full license while the current value is pre-filled. The system validates the entered quantity and converts the Trial license to Full license according to entered attributes. This option is not available for untrusted managed MSPs.

Q: Can customers with closed networks use a proxy server to forward traffic from endpoints to MSP?

A: ESET MSP Administrator 2 does not communicate directly with endpoints. Customers can use the HTTP Proxy server to forward traffic from endpoints to the ESET PROTECT On-Prem connected with EMA 2. ESET PROTECT On-Prem uses a customized version of Apache HTTP Proxy as the Proxy component.

Q: Can I delete a license (not just deactivate) in ESET MSP Administrator 2?

A: No. A valid and authorized user is only allowed to suspend a license. Billing report does not include suspended licenses, except the day when a given license was suspended.

Q: Is the MSP platform available worldwide?

A: No. Access is limited to territories who have launched the MSP Program. Contact your territory manager for information on how to start with MSP.

Q: What does 0/100 mean in the License tab?

A: It means that none of the 100 ordered licenses are activate on the end-user's computer.

Q: Can EMA 2 set up the duration of the trial license? Can EMA automatically move to Full license from the Trial?

A: ESET MSP Administrator can extend a Trial license twice by 30 days from the current expiration date. MSPs can convert the whole Trial license or specify unit quantity. Automatic conversion is not available.

Q: How the Unilicenses work?

A: Unilicenses are categories of multiple products in the same pricing category—more license seats in one Unilicense shift user's price tier towards lower values.

For example, a user has 70 seats of ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux and 50 of ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows; both products are from the Endpoint Antivirus category, so the seats count together. The user pays for 120 seat-tier, which has a lower price than 50 or 70 seat-tier would have.