Create a report

You can create a report of ESET LiveGuard Advanced data in the remote management console. You can use one of the pre-defined reports or create a custom one.

The following process is valid for ESET Security Management Center, ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud.

Built-in reports

1.Log in to your Web Console.

2.Click Reports > ESET LiveGuard.

3.Select the applicable report and click the gear icon > Generate now.



Create a custom report

To create a custom report to display score, destination and type of submitted files:

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click Reports > New Report Template.



3.Enter a Name for the template and select ESET LiveGuard as Category.



4.Click Continue.

5.Select Display Table and Continue.



6.Click Add Column and select ESET LiveGuard > Score > Score. To confirm, click OK.



7.Click Add Column and select ESET LiveGuard > File category. To confirm, click OK.

8.Click Add Column and select ESET LiveGuard > Destination of submission. To confirm, click OK.

9.Click Finish to save the template.

10. To run the report, click Reports, click the new report template gear icon > Generate now.