What is ESET License Administrator?

The Username and Password used to activate earlier versions of ESET products have been replaced with a License Key and Public License ID. The License Key is a unique string  used to activate your ESET product and identify the license owner. The Public License ID (PLID) is a short string used to identify the license to a 3rd party (for example, the Security Admin responsible for Unit Distribution).

A Security Admin is a person that manages licenses for ESET products on your network and can be different from the actual license owner. The license owner can delegate (authorize) a security admin to manage a license (the security admin must accept the authorization before they can manage licenses). After accepting their role, the security admin can manage the license (make changes, associate units, etc.) and use the license to activate ESET products (associate unit).

Licenses can be managed using ESET License Administrator or using ESET Remote Administrator via Web Console.


Home user licenses

ESET License Administrator does not manage home user licenses. Use ESET License Manager for this reason.