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Protected websites

ESET Internet Security contains a built-in list of pre-defined websites that will trigger a secured browser to open. You can add a website or edit the list of websites in the product configuration.

The Protected websites list can be viewed and edited in Advanced setup (F5) > Web and email > Banking & Payment protection > Basic > Protected websites > Edit.

Rules in the Protected websites list specify whether to open the specific website in a secured browser, normal browser or ask every time you visit the website. See the options description in the Add website section below.

Control elements

Add—Enables you to add a website to the list of known websites.

Edit—Enables you to edit the selected website.

Delete—Removes selected entries.

Import/Export—Enables you to export the protected websites list and import it to a new device.

Add website

Website page—HTTPS website for which the rule will apply.

Open this website with—Select Banking & Payment protection behavior when you visit the website:

Secured browser—The website is redirected to secured browser and is protected by Banking & Payment protection.

Ask me—When you visit the website, you can choose to open the website in a normal or secured browser. ESET Internet Security can remember your action, or you can choose the browser manually.

Normal browser—The website will be opened in a normal browser without additional security.