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In-browser notification

Secured browser informs you about its current status through in-browser notifications and the color of the browser frame.

In-browser notifications are shown in the tab on the right side.


To expand the in-browser notification, click the ESET icon ICON_BPP_LOGO. To minimize the notification, click the notification text. To dismiss the notification and the green browser frame, click the close icon ICON_BPP_CLOSE.


Only the Informative notification and green browser frame can be dismissed.

In-browser notifications

Notification type


Informative notification and green browser frame

Maximum protection is ensured, and the in-browser notification is minimized by default. Expand the in-browser notification and click Settings to open the Security tools setup.

Warning and orange browser frame

Secured browser requires your attention for a non-critical issue. For more information about the issue or a solution, follow the instructions in the in-browser notification.

Security alert and red browser frame

The browser is not protected by ESET Banking & Payment protection. Restart the browser to ensure the protection is active. To resolve a conflict with files loaded in the browser, open Log files > Banking & Payment protection and ensure the logged files are not loaded the next time you start the browser. If the issue persists, contact ESET Technical Support by following the instructions in our Knowledgebase article.