Scan progress

The scan progress window shows the current status of the scan and information about the number of files found that contain malicious code.


It is normal that some files, such as password protected files or files being exclusively used by the system (typically pagefile.sys and certain log files), cannot be scanned. More details can be found in our Knowledgebase article.


How to schedule a weekly computer scan

To schedule a regular task, read the How to schedule a weekly computer scan chapter.

Scan progress – The progress bar shows the status of already-scanned objects compared to objects still waiting be scanned. The scan progress status is derived from the total number of objects included in scanning.

Target – The name of the currently scanned object and its location.

Threats found – Shows the total number of scanned files, threats found and threats cleaned during a scan.

Pause – Pauses a scan.

Resume – This option is visible when scan progress is paused. Click Resume to continue scanning.

Stop – Terminates the scan.

Scroll scan log – If enabled, the scan log will scroll down automatically as new entries are added so that the most recent entries are visible.


Click the magnifier or arrow to show details about the scan that is currently running. You can run another parallel scan by clicking Scan your computer or Advanced scans > Custom scan.


Action after scan – You can select No action, Shutdown, Reboot or Reboot if needed from Action after scan drop-down menu. The actions Sleep or Hibernate are available based on your computer Power & sleep operating system settings or your computer/laptop capabilities. The selected action will start after all of the running scans are finished. When Shutdown is selected, a shutdown confirmation dialog window will display a 30-second countdown (click Cancel to deactivate the requested shutdown).