Blacklist/Whitelist/Exceptions list

To provide protection against unsolicited emails, ESET Internet Security allows you to classify email addresses in specialized lists. The Whitelist contains email addresses you consider to be safe. Messages from users on the Whitelist are always available in the incoming mail folder. The Blacklist contains email addresses classified as spam, and all messages from senders on the Blacklist are marked accordingly. The exception list contains email addresses that are always checked for spam but may also contain addresses from unsolicited email messages disguised as not spam.

All lists can be edited in Advanced setup (F5) > Web and email > Email client protection > Antispam address books > User's Whitelist/Blacklist/Exceptions list by clicking the Add, Edit and Delete buttons in each list's dialog window.


By default, ESET Internet Security adds all addresses from the address book of supported email clients to the Whitelist. The Blacklist is empty by default. The Exception list only contains user's own email addresses by default.