Internet protection

Web and email configuration can be found in the Setup pane by clicking Internet protection. From here you can access more detailed program settings.

To pause or disable individual protection modules, click the slider bar icon MODULE_ENABLED.


Turning off protection modules may decrease the protection level of your computer.


Click GEAR to open web/email/anti-phishing/antispam protection settings in Advanced setup.

Internet connectivity is a standard feature for personal computers. Unfortunately, the Internet has become the primary medium for distributing malicious code. For this reason it is essential that you carefully consider your Web access protection settings.

Email client protection provides control of email communications received through the POP3(S) and IMAP(S) protocols. Using the plug-in program for your email client, ESET Internet Security provides control of all communications from/to the email client.

Antispam protection filters unsolicited email messages.

When you click the gear wheel GEAR next to Antispam protection, the following options are available:

Configure – Opens advanced settings for Email client antispam protection.

User's Whitelist/Blacklist/Exceptions list – Opens a dialog window where you can add, edit or delete email addresses that are considered safe or unsafe. According to rules defined here, email from these addresses will not be scanned or will be treated as spam. Click User´s Exceptions list to add, edit or delete email addresses that may be spoofed and used for sending spam. Email messages received from addresses listed in the Exception list will always be scanned for spam.

Anti-Phishing protection allows you to block web pages known to distribute phishing content. We strongly recommend that you leave Anti-Phishing enabled.