Create new URL address list

This section allows you to specify lists of URL addresses/masks that will be blocked, allowed or excluded from checking.

When creating a new list, the following options are available to configure:

Address list type – Three list types are available:

Excluded from checking – No checking for malicious code will be performed for any address added to this list.

Blocked - The user will not be allowed to access addresses specified in this list.

Allowed – If the Allow access only to HTTP addresses in the list of allowed addresses option is enabled and the list of blocked addresses contain * (match everything), user will be allowed to access addresses specified in this list only. The addresses in this list are allowed even if they also match by the list of blocked addresses.

List name – Specify the name of the list. This field will be grayed out when editing one of the three predefined lists.

List description – Type a short description for the list (optional). Will be grayed when editing one of three predefined list.

To activate a list, select List active next to that list. If you want to be notified when a particular list is used in evaluation of an HTTP site that you visited, select Notify when applying. For example, a notification will be issued if a website is blocked or allowed because it is included in list of blocked or allowed addresses. The notification will contain the name of the list containing the specified website.

Control elements

Add – Add a new URL address to the list (enter multiple values with separator).

Edit – Modifies existing address in the list. Only possible for addresses created with Add.

Delete – Deletes existing addresses in the list. Only possible for addresses created with Add.

Import – Import a file with URL addresses (separate values with a line break, for example *.txt using encoding UTF-8).