Select sample for analysis

The file submission dialog enables you to send a file or a site to ESET for analysis and can be found in Tools > Submit sample for analysis. If you find a suspiciously behaving file on your computer or suspicious site on the Internet, you can submit it to the ESET Research Lab for analysis. If the file turns out to be a malicious application or website, its detection will be added to an upcoming update.

Alternatively, you can submit the file by email. If you prefer this option, pack the file(s) using WinRAR/ZIP, protect the archive with the password "infected" and send it to Please remember to use a descriptive subject and enclose as much information about the file as possible (for example, the website you downloaded it from).


Before submitting a file to ESET, make sure it meets one or more of the following criteria:

the file is not detected at all

the file is incorrectly detected as a threat

You will not receive a response unless further information is required for analysis.

Select the description from the Reason for submitting the file drop-down menu that best fits your message:

Suspicious file

Suspicious site (a website that is infected by any malware),

False positive file (file that is detected as an infection but are not infected),

False positive site


File/Site – The path to the file or website you intend to submit.

Contact email – This contact email is sent along with suspicious files to ESET and may be used to contact you if further information is required for analysis. Entering a contact email is optional. The sample can be submitted anonymously. You will not get a response from ESET unless more information is required, since each day our servers receive tens of thousands of files, making it impossible to reply to all submissions.