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Enable you to rescan the database for a defined period with either newly added or adjusted detection rules. This means that whenever you adjust your security policy to define what is suspicious. You can easily trigger the re-scanning of your database to get a backward detection. This further improves the threat hunting capabilities, as you are not searching only for a specific IOC. Still, you searching for a complex definition of malicious behavior instead, emphasizing ESET's unique approach.

You can select all tasks by selecting the check box on the left side of the Name, or select task individually. Available actions:

Rerun tasks

Details—Redirects you to the relevant section.

Detections—You are redirected to the Detections tab.

Start—Starts selected task.

Pause—Pause selected task.

Duplicate query—Duplicates selected task.

Delete—Deletes selected task.

Rename—Enables you to rename the search result for better distinguish.

Access groupDisplays currently assigned access group. Click Move to assign different access group.

Tags—Used to tag the task. After choosing this option, new window for tag edition opens. In the Select field, you can type new tag or select already existing one.

Filter—Quick filters, depending on the column where you activated the context menu (Show only this, Hide this).




Create a New task and follow Create rerun task wizard.