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Create rerun task

To create a new task, click Tasks > New Task. In the Basics section, type basic information about the task, such as a Name and Note (optional) for a more in-depth description of the task.

Click Continue to configure the task settings.

Rerun settings

Rerun rule(s) on selected targets—Select the group of computers or individual computers on which you want to rerun the task.

Rerun evaluate events in time frame—Select the time frame of events that you want to run the rerun task on.

Limit detections to—Limit the number of detections that will appear in a rerun task result.

Add detections to the main detections table immediately—Select the check box if you want the result detections to be moved to the main Detections tab list.

Ignore exclusions for this task—Select the check box if you want the task to ignore/exclude detections that match rules picked from the next step of rerun task creation process.


Select rules that you want to rerun. Click Add filter, and select Rule name and type string to search. Each selected rule will be evaluated in a rerun tasks.


Review the summary of configured settings in Task preview. Verify all the settings for this task and click Create task.