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The new hotfix build 1.7.1991, released on the 11th of May 2022, is now recommended for all customers.



Added: support for ESET Inspect Connector configuration by the installer using a policy file

Added: hardening of ESET Inspect Cloud security

Added: ability to start Product Tour ("Onboarding Wizard") on-demand from the Help menu

Changed: default filter in Computers view to also show Computers without ESET Inspect Connector

Fixed: issue with some Exclusions not working correctly

Fixed: issue of unknown connection ID being received for some events

Fixed: the "Select rule actions" dialog in the Remediation menu not resetting choices correctly

Fixed: issue with Computer events process filter losing its value when the page is reloaded

Fixed: incorrect heading and Online Help links in the Onboarding Wizard

Fixed: the "License" link in Help

Fixed: incorrect operation type being displayed for some Rule-based Detections

Fixed: the Detection Info filter in Detections view not behaving correctly

Fixed: issue with ESET Inspect Connector for Linux requiring to be restarted after an upgrade

Fixed: "Assignee" filter in Incidents view incorrect behavior

Fixed: connectivity issues when used with Proxy

Fixed: issue with optional Rules being incorrectly disabled after upgrade

Fixed: Rules that should not be enabled being enabled unexpectedly

Fixed: landing page design for invalid redirects

Fixed: sync issue between ESET PROTECT Cloud and ESET Inspect Cloud related to static groups/computers/metadata/alerts

Fixed: performance degradation of event processing in large environments

Fixed: inconsistencies between ESET PROTECT Cloud and ESET Inspect Cloud authorization (user permissions) pop-ups

Fixed: issue with the ability to download scripts on Linux

Fixed: issue with Rerun task not showing results when used on a disabled Rule


The build 1.7.1991 is now available via standard download on our website, and we recommend using this build for both new and existing customers. It is going to be available via the ESET PROTECT repository latest within 24 hours.