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Computer details

There are the following tiles with details about the computer:

Computer - Name of the computer.

Select Tags -  Assign tag(s) to a computer from the list of existing, or create a new custom tag(s).

FQDN - Fully qualified domain name if your server is a member of a domain.

Parent Group - The name of a group of computers assigned to this specific computer. The computer’s group can be changed in the ESET PROTECT.

Last connected - A permanent connection created to listen to notifications about blocked hashes, requests to download files, kill the process, etc. The refresh interval is 90 seconds.

Last event - The timestamp of the last event is sent to the server. This event occurred on the computer, not when it was sent to the ESET Inspect Server.

ESET Inspect Connector version - Version of the ESET Inspect Connector, deployed on the specific computer.

OS Name - The operating system's name running on the specific computer.

OS Version - The name of the OS running on this specific computer.

Unresolved Detections (Unique / Total):

Alarm_Severity_Threat Threats

Detection(s) with threat severity present on this computer.

Alarm_Severity_Warning Warning

Detection(s) with warning severity present on this computer.

Alarm_Severity_Info Info

Detection(s) with info severity present on this computer.

Group - The name of the group of computers where this specific computer is assigned.

Isolated From Network - The information whether the computer was isolated from the network.

Received Events From Today - Count of events that appear today.

Stored Events From Today - Count of events stored today in the database. The difference against the received events from today is caused by Event Filters.

Endpoint Version - The version of installed ESET Endpoint Security on this specific computer.

OS Platform - The bit version of OS running on this specific computer.

Network Adapters - Shows information about all network adapters.

Sysinspector Logs - Shows the list of Sysinspector logs requested for this computer.

Comments - Add an optional comment to recognize the detection easily.

Action buttons:

Details (Protect)

Go to the ESET PROTECT Web Console.


Go to the Detections tab.


Go to the Executables tab.


Go to the Scripts tab.


Go to the Events tab.


Sends the command to Endpoint to start an immediate scan of the computer.

Network Isolation

Isolate the computer from the network (only connections between ESET Security products are available). If required, you can also End isolation (available only for Windows endpoints; File Security from 7.2.12003.0).

Connect via Terminal

Go to the Terminal tab.


Sends the command to reboot or shut down the computer.

Send wake-up call

Sends the Wake-Up command to force the computer to send all events since the last connection.

Generate SysInspector log

Generate the SysInspector log and review it in the computer's details.


Assign tag(s) to a computer from the list of existing, or create a new custom tag(s).

Audit log

Go to the Audit log tab.


Quick filters, depending on the column where you activated the context menu (Show only this, Hide this).


Create an incident report, or add to an existing incident (currently active).