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Audit log

Tracks changes in configuration or protection. Audit logs are created if a ESET Inspect Web Console object (rules, detections, executable details) is created or modified. The Audit log enables the Administrator to inspect the activities performed in the ESET Inspect Web Console, especially if there are more Web Console users.

Click Add filter and select a filter type from the drop-down menu or type a string. Also you can click the gear gear_icon icon for table options to manage the main table.


Set the period (date and time).


Select one of the available actions.


Select the action result (Failure, Forbidden and Success).


Select the user who performed changes.


Select one of the available sections.

Open Secondary Object

Provides detailed view of secondary object (if available).

Display Absolute/Relative Time

Absolute time will show the time in format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS. Relative time will show the time in the format minutes/hours/months concerning present time, like 15 minutes ago or six days ago.