Web browser HTTPS/SSL certificate list

Download the Authority Public key (.DER file) to the PC/Server, from which you are going to access the ESET Inspect Web Console.

The following procedure will suit the most used web browsers. For Mozilla Firefox, use the second one below:

1.Double-click the DER file.

2.Click Install Certificate -> Local Machine -> Place all certificates in the following store -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

3.To verify that the certificate was installed successfully, open Microsoft Management Console by pressing Win + R and type in "MMC".

4.In MMC go File -> Add/Remove Snap-in... -> Certificates -> Add -> My user account -> Finish, do the same for the Computer Account and click OK.

5.The certificate installed in the first step should be visible in sections:

a.Certificates - Current User -> Trusted Root Certificates -> Certificates

b.Certificates (Local computer) -> Trusted Root Certificates -> Certificates

Procedure for Mozilla Firefox

This procedure should work for the most recent Mozilla Firefox version.

1.Click FF_Open_Menu icon.

2.Go Options ->  Privacy & Security -> Certificates -> View Certificates ->  Authorities -> Import. Select desired Authority Public key -> Open -> Trust this CA to identify websites -> OK.