Troubleshooting the installation


ESET Inspect Server and ESET Inspect Connector write error logs to C:\ProgramData\ESET\Inspect Server\Logs\ respectively C:\ProgramData\ESET\Inspect Connector\Logs\.

If you are using Windows Firewall as your default firewall, the installation creates necessary Windows Firewall rules for communication between components of ESET Inspect. If the Firewall is disabled or you are using a third-party firewall, ensure that ports "80,443,8093,2223" are allowed.

To gather the data on the installation process (both successful or failed installation), it is required to execute the installer package from an administrative command line along with some additional parameters: /L*Vx temp_log.txt

Below is a sample command to install the ESET Inspect Server in silent mode and save logs to temp_log.txt:

To run GUI - Mode installation and collect logs, use:


msiexec /i "ei_server_nt32_ENU.msi" /L*Vx temp_log.txt"


msiexec /i "ei_server_nt32_ENU.msi" /q /L*Vx temp_log.txt P.DATABASEPASSWORD="yourDatabasePasswordHere"

The following is a sample command to install ESET Inspect Connector along with GUI mode, and providing one optional parameter:


msiexec /i "ei_connector_nt32_ENU.msi" /L*Vx temp_log.txt /q P_HOSTNAME="localhost"