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Supported Web Browsers and ESET Products

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Edge (based on Chromium)


Use the latest version of browsers.

ESET Inspect Web Console

ESET Inspect Web Console is a single-page application that communicates with the ESET Inspect Server via REST calls.


The minimum screen resolution supported by the Web Console is 1280x768.

Supported ESET Products


ESET Inspect is at the moment compatible with ESET PROTECT on-premises, not ESET PROTECT Cloud.

ESET Endpoint Security 10.0.2045.0 or later.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 10.0.2045.0 or later.

ESET Endpoint Security for macOS 6.11.606.0 or later

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS 7.3.3600.0 or later

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux or later

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 10.0.10016.0 or later

ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino 9.0.14006.0 or later

ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server 10.0.12010.0 or later

ESET Server Security for Linux or later

ESET Security for Microsoft Sharepoint Server 10.0.15003.0 or later


Because the ESET Inspect can show some malware/scripts, ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus can sometimes show ESET Inspect as a threat. Follow these steps to prevent ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus from blocking ESET Inspect:

In ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus settings go to Web and Email > Web access protection > Url address management > Address List > List of addresses excluded from content scan > Edit

If not present, add the Hostname/IP Address of the ESET Inspect Server and add /* at the end of the string. You can use the ESET PROTECT policy to deploy such a setting to multiple ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus.


When the ESET product version reaches the End of Life:

The product may stop functioning.

Remote management via the ESET Management Agent may no longer work.

A product upgrade to a later version may not be possible.

For more information about compatibility, visit the End of Life policy for ESET business products.

ESET Bridge

ESET Bridge is a new ESET software based on the open-source nginx software adjusted for the needs of ESET security solutions. You can use ESET Bridge as HTTP Proxy solution with ESET Inspect Server. The ESET Bridge default configuration supports the cloud ESET Inspect. You can configure ESET Bridge to support ESET Inspect.



Enable LiveGrid® in ESET Endpoint Security to evaluate detection rules in ESET Inspect Connector since version 1.8 (mandatory for the Cloud environment. If rules evaluation is on the ESET Inspect Server side, then this needs to have communication to LiveGrid® allowed). Some rules depend on information from LiveGrid®, and without the information, these rules are not functional.



HIPS monitors events inside the operating system and provides information needed for ESET Inspect and following rules evaluation.