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Reduction of the database size

The ways to reduce disk space usage are:

1.Store the low-level data for the shortest possible time. The database size is proportional to the amount of low-level data stored in the database, so lower the amount by keeping the low-level date as briefly as possible. This can be configured through the tabs Admin > Server Settings > Database Retention.


A low-level event is something a process does. So, write a file, do a DNS lookup, create a registry entry, etc. These can be seen in the Events view.

2.Store less low-level data. Instead of storing all data, keep only the most important data or data related directly to detections. This will not lower the protection because everything is still being analyzed to detect suspicious activity, even if not everything is stored. The amount of stored data can be changed in the Admin > Server Settings > Data collection tab. But some ESET Inspect features don’t work or are limited when not everything is stored. For more information about these limitations, follow.

3.Use Event Filters to selectively not store low-level events from some executables or computers. Dashboard > Events Load helps to find executables and computers that report most low-level events and where filters should be applied.

4.Check database settings that can cause increased disk usage:

a.For MySql, check binary log usage. For more information, follow.

b.For Microsoft SQL Server, check recovery models. For more information, follow.

These settings are commonly used for backups, so if needed, ensure they are configured and used correctly.