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The migration process for MySQL Server


Source and target SQL Server instances must be installed.

The target SQL Server instance must have at least the same version as the source instance. A downgrade is not supported!

Using command prompt

In the commands, configuration files, or SQL statements below, always replace the following:

SRCHOST with the address of the source database server

SRCROOTLOGIN with the source MySQL server root user login

SRCEEIDBNAME with the name of the source ESET Inspect Server database to back up

TARGETHOST with the address of the target database server

TARGETROOTLOGIN with the target MySQL server root user login

It is unnecessary to execute the SQL statements below via the command line. You can use an application you already know if a graphical user interface tool is available.

You can run the commands from the Source or Target machine if those machines are in the same network and the ping between those machines is working. You must manually move the backup file to the target machine if they are not in the same network.

1.Stop the ESET Inspect Server service.

2.Navigate to C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin or C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8\bin based on the MySQL version you have installed.

3.Create a full database backup of the source ESET Inspect Server database (the database you plan to migrate):


mysqldump --host SRCHOST --user=SRCROOTLOGIN --password --events --opt --routines --triggers --databases SRCEEIDBNAME --default-character-set=utf8mb4 --result-file="C:\USERS\public\BACKUPFILE.sql"

4.Enter the root login password. You can also add it directly after the --password parameter ( --password=ABCD ).

5.Adjust the my.ini file on the target machine based on the version of MySQL you are using. Version 5.7 or 8.

6.Restore the database on the target MySQL server.


mysql --host TARGETHOST --user=TARGETROOTLOGIN --password < "C:\USERS\public\BACKUPFILE.sql"

7.Enter the root login password. You can do it as well by adding it directly after the -p parameter ( -pABCD ).

8.Run the ESET Inspect Server service if the target MySQL Server machine keeps the same IP address and name of the database as the Source one.

9.When you migrate the database to another server (MySQL IP or port are changed) or change the database name (MySQL IP and port are the same, but database name changed), you have to re-setup the ESET Inspect Server by using the "Repair/Change" option in the Installer. Leave all the settings as they are, but change the database settings like MySQL IP, port, or database name.