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The migration process for MS SQL Server


Source and target SQL Server instances must be installed.

The target SQL Server instance must have at least the same version as the source instance. A downgrade is not supported!

Using command prompt

1.Stop the ESET Inspect Server service.

2.Run the Command Prompt application and use this command:


SQLCMD -U sa -S localhost -Q "BACKUP DATABASE enterpriseinspectordb TO DISK = N'C:\USERS\public\BACKUPFILE.bak'"

3.Copy created backup file to the designated MSSQL machine and run this command to restore the backup of the database on the designated machine:


SQLCMD -U sa -S localhost -Q "RESTORE DATABASE enterpriseinspectordb FROM DISK = N'C:\USERS\public\BACKUPFILE.bak'"

4.Enable TCP/IP on the target machine.

5.Ensure the Firewall on the source machine is set up to allow incoming and outgoing communication at port (by default 1433, or changed by the user during ESET Inspect Server installation process)

6.Run the ESET Inspect Server service if the target MSSQL Server machine keeps the same IP address as the Source one.

7.When you migrate the database to another server (MS SQL IP or port will be changed), you have to re-setup the ESET Inspect Server by using the "Repair/Change" option in the Installer. Leave all the settings, but change the database settings like MS SQL IP port.

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The enterpriseinspectordb in the example is the default DB name created during the ESET Inspect Server installation process. If you used a different name for the DB, replace the one used in the example above.