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ESET Inspect

ESET Inspect is an essential component to help ensure the highest level of enterprise security. While standard ESET Endpoint Security provides strong protection, ESET Inspect takes your environment's security to a new dimension.

A security tool is needed to help security professionals protect their sensitive data and detect and investigate security incidents, advanced threats, and targeted attacks or breaches on endpoint devices.

ESET Inspect is a tool that offers the peace of mind of continuous protection and security monitoring in a powerful and easy-to-use solution.

ESET Inspect collects data in real time on endpoint devices. The data is matched against a set of rules to detect suspicious activities automatically. Then the aggregated data is processed, and the information is prioritized and correlated in a searchable form.

Aggregated data allows a security professional to search for unusual and suspicious activities more efficiently and enables an accurate incident response, management, and reporting.

ESET Inspect is a solution that includes the following three components:

ESET Inspect Connector is installed on endpoint devices that are monitored by ESET Inspect and collects the data for the ESET Inspect, removes malicious components, and blocks the execution of these components

ESET Inspect Server continually aggregates and stores the collected data and displays it in the ESET Inspect Web Console

ESET Inspect Web Console is the user interface for ESET Inspect built as an HTML5 web application

Key features

ESET Inspect is an essential component to help ensure the highest level of enterprise security. As a critical tool for risk assessment and detection, ESET Inspect is a comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system that includes the following features:

Incident detection—Monitor the Detections section to reveal security incidents, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and targeted attacks.

Incident management and response—Use a built-in set of rules or create your own rules to respond to detected incidents. The rules guide is available in the help section of the ESET Inspect Web Console.

Data collection—Determine when an executable was launched for the first time and by whom, and check the dwell time and attacked devices.

Indicators of Compromise (IOC) detection.

Anomaly detection—See what is being executed in your company network and reveal unexpected actions.

Behavior detection—See what actions were carried out by an Executable: modified files, changing registry entries, connections made. Assess whether the executed processes are safe or suspicious by looking at LiveGrid® reputation markers.

Policy violations—Block malicious executables from being executed on any computer in your company network.

Email notifications—Cooperation of ESET Inspect with ESET PROTECT results in beneficial security email notifications.