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GUI Upgrade from older version

In the second installation screen:

Fill in the proper ESET Inspect Server IP address (if unchanged, no action is needed)

Fill in the proper ESET Inspect Server port (if unchanged, no action is necessary)

Choose how you want to work with the Certification Authority:

Do not change current CA settings—use this option if you use the same CA.

Server assisted installation—if the ESET Inspect Server IP address changed or you want to use a different CA currently used by your ESET Inspect Server, you can use this option to help you with the proper setting. Click Next. The dialog box with certification details appears. Click Yes to accept the Certification Authority for ESET Inspect Connector.

Offline installation—in the next screen, fill the path to the Certification Authority or click the Change button and navigate to it. Click Next.

Click Install. A progress bar will appear, displaying the current status.

If no problems occur, the next screen displays. Click Finish, and your application is ready to use.

If there is a problem with the installation, follow the instructions in the dialog box that appears.