Manual proxy configuration of Mozilla Firefox

The manual HTTP/FTP proxy configuration of esets_http with Mozilla Firefox is illustrated in Figure 5-2.

This configuration allows ESET Gateway Security to be installed anywhere within the local network, including the gateway server and the user agent’s computer.

In the example below, esets_http is configured to listen on port 8080 of a computer with local network IP address, by specifying the following parameters in the [http] section of the ESETS configuration file:

agent_enabled = yes
listen_addr = ""
listen_port = 8080

The parameter ‘listen_addr’ can also be the host name which is visible from the local network.

To configure Firefox to use esets_http, click Tools > Options from the main menu, and click Advanced. Click the Network tab and then click the Settings... button. In the Connection Settings window, select the Manual Proxy Configuration option. Finally, enter the host name or IP address in the HTTP Proxy (or FTP Proxy) field, and enter the Port values which esets_http listens on (in this example, IP address and port 8080 shall be specified). To reread the newly created configuration, reload the ESETS daemon.

It should be noted that the configuration described here is not optimal for networks with a large number of client computers. This is because the HTTP cache (if any) is present only in the user agent - thus, the same source object is scanned multiple times when requested from different user agents.