Manual HTTP/FTP proxy configuration

The manual proxy configuration (see Figure 5-2) is characterized by explicitly configuring the proxied user agent to listen on a specific port and address of the parent proxy.

Figure 5-2. Scheme of ESET Gateway Security as a manual proxy


With this configuration, the proxy server usually modifies transferred requests and/or responses, i.e., non-transparent mode. The manual proxying functionality of esets_http has been tested with a wide range of common user agents (i.e., proxy caches) such as Squid Proxy Cache and SafeSquid, as well as web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Konqueror. In general, any HTTP user agent which supports manual parent proxy settings will cooperate with the esets_http module. In the next section, we describe the manual proxy configuration setting of esets_http with Mozilla Firefox and Squid Web Proxy Cache, as these are the most common HTTP user agent applications.