Command-line programs

ESETS commands can be launched using the command line – manually (@SBINDIR@/esets_*) or with a batch (".sh") script. ESETS command-line usage:


ESET Security Daemon is the main ESET’S system control and scanning Daemon module. It reads all the ESET’S scanner configuration from the main ESET’S configuration file and provides all the main tasks.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_daemon [OPTIONS..]


ESET system integrator can be used to display and optionally execute commands that integrate ESET’S with your system. This module features installation for http and ftp.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_inst [OPTIONS..] [COMMAND]


ESET’S license management utility features management options, which allow you to display information about your licenses, import license files to the license directory or remove expired licenses.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_lic [OPTIONS..] [COMMAND] [FILES..]


ESET‘S quarantine management utility module allows you to import any file system object into the quarantine storage area.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_quar ACTIONS [RULES] [OBJECTS..]


ESET Command-line scanner is an on-demand anti-virus scanning module, which provides scanning of the file system objects upon user request using command line interface.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_scan [OPTIONS..] FILES..


ESETS configuration file SET-up utility allows you to modify the ESET’S configuration file as requested by given command.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_set [OPTIONS..] [COMMAND]


ESET’S setup utility is an interactive automated install script to help you  easily integrate ESET Security with your system.
Usage: @SBINDIR@/esets_setup [OPTIONS..] [COMMAND]


ESET‘S update utility is a system utility for the creation, update and maintenance of the ESET’S modules storage mirrors as well as for update of ESET’S system.
Usage: @BINDIR@/esets_update [OPTIONS..]