Release notes

ESET File Security for Linux version 7.2 hotfix (7.2.578)

Fixed: A potential vulnerability in the on-access scanner - reported internally

Fixed: Memory leak could occur under special circumstances

Fixed: On-demand scan issues resulted in a system freeze

ESET File Security for Linux version 7.2 hotfix

New: Ability to check for an update of application via the upd command-line utility or from the WebGUI.

New: Ability to enable automatic update of application during server restart

New: Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

New: Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8

New: Support for CentOS 8

New: Support for Debian 10

New: Support of ICAP scanning for Nutanix

New: Support for EncFS file system

Improved: Performance and system footprint of real-time protection scanner

Improved: Changes in WebGUI settings needs to be confirmed or discarded before leaving settings section

SELinux compatibility on CentOS

Fixed: On-demand scan enabled from WebGUI might not remove all detections if they exist in separate partitions

Fixed: Real-time protection scanner could slow down a machine during the boot process in certain scenarios

Fixed: Error "Cannot accept the connection" when too many connections were opened to icapd

Fixed: Enabling "Shut down computer after scan" task from ESMC did not work

Fixed: A rare kernel crash could occur when unloading modules

Removed: Support for rspamd spam filtering system

Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

ESET File Security for Linux version 7.1 hotfix

New: Added ICAP scanning support for Citrix ShareFile

New: Updated Software End User License Agreement

Improved: Performance of Real-time protection scanner

Improved: Odscan utility in command line is able to return status of On-demand scan as exit code

Fixed: An issue causing excessive error logging into syslog

Fixed: An issue causing excessive error logging into event log during update

Fixed: An issue where activation with offline licenses did not work

Fixed: Some words in the scan detail page in WebGUI were not translated

Fixed: Other minor bug fixes and improvements

ESET File Security for Linux version 7.1

New: Scheduler - the ability to schedule an on-demand scan through Web interface or an ESET Security Management Center policy

New: List of files which were not scanned during an on-demand scan (for example, password-protected files) is available in scan details

New: Support for changed exclusions workflow in upcoming ESET Security Management Center 7.1 release

New: Support for subscription licenses

New: Ability to "Restore and Exclude" quarantined samples through Web interface

New: Automatic log maintenance

Improved: Output of modules date and versions in terminal

Improved: Update of third-party components

Improved: List of on-demand scans triggered by ESET Security Management Center console

Improved: More clear error messages

Fixed: Compatibility issues with SSSD on SELinux

Fixed: Activation on SELinux via Http proxy

Fixed: SELinux denies port change of ICAP and Web interface

Fixed: "Log all objects” setting has been removed temporarily

Fixed: Cannot change ESET File Security for Linux Web interface password through ESET Security Management Center

Fixed: Web interface improvements

Fixed: Bug fixes & many under-the-hood optimizations regarding performance and stability