Installation and configuration

The library module is installed using a standard installation mechanism of the preloaded libraries. You need to define the environment variable ‘LD_PRELOAD’ with the absolute path to the library, or apply it systemwide in /etc/ For more information, please refer to the man page.

To ensure that only relevant file access calls within a given file system are intercepted, executable statements can be overridden using the following line:


where ‘COMMAND COMMAND-ARGUMENTS’ is the original executable statement.

Review and edit the [global] and [pac] sections of the ESETS configuration file (esets.cfg). In order for the On-access scanner to function correctly, you must define the file system objects (i.e. directories and files) that are required to be under control of the preload library. This can be achieved by defining the parameters of the ‘ctl_incl’ and ‘ctl_excl’ options in the [pac] section of the ESETS configuration file. After making changes to the esets.cfg file, you can force the newly created configuration to be re-read by reloading the ESETS daemon.