Installation and configuration

The Dazuko kernel module must be compiled and installed within the running kernel before initializing esets_dac. For details on how to compile and install Dazuko, please see:

Once Dazuko is installed, review and edit the [global] and [dac] sections of the ESETS configuration file (esets.cfg). Note that for the On-access scanner properly function, it is dependent upon configuration of the ‘agent_enabled’ option within the [dac] section of this file. Additionally, you must define the file system objects (i.e. directories and files) that are to be monitored by the On-access scanner. This can be accomplished by defining the parameters of the ‘ctl_incl’ and ‘ctl_excl’ options, which are also located within the [dac] section. After making changes to the esets.cfg file, you can force the newly created configuration to be re-read by reloading the ESETS daemon.