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Call Filter

Call Filter blocks incoming/outgoing calls based on user-defined rules.

No notification is displayed when an incoming call is blocked. The advantage of this is that you will not be bothered by unsolicited information, but can always check the logs for calls that may have been blocked by mistake.


Call Filter does not work on tablets that do not support calling.

To block calls from the last received phone number, tap Block Last Caller. This will create a new rule.

Block phone numbers using wildcards

You can block a range of numbers via wildcards described in the table below:




represents multiple characters


represents a single character



If you do not want to receive calls from a specific country, type the country code and * wildcard character into the Mobile number field, and all incoming calls from the country starting with this number pattern get blocked. When you decide to exclude some phone number from that country, add a new rule with the action Allow. The image below shows how to block all calls from Slovakia.