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How to add a new rule

To add a new rule, tap Add rule or tap the icon_plus icon in the top right corner of the Rules screen.

Specify a person or a group of phone numbers. ESET Endpoint Security for Android will recognize the contact groups saved in your Contacts (for example, Family, Friends or Coworkers). All unknown numbers will include the phone numbers not saved in your contact list. You can use this option to block unwelcome phone calls (for example, "cold calls") or to prevent employees from dialing unknown numbers. The All known numbers option refers to all phone numbers saved in your contact list. Hidden numbers will apply to callers that have their phone number intentionally hidden via the Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR).

Specify which should be blocked or allowed:

icon_call_out outgoing calls

icon_call_in incoming calls

To apply the rule for a specified time only, tap Always > Custom and select the days of the week and a time interval for which you want to apply the rule. By default, Saturday and Sunday are selected. This functionality might come in handy if you do not want to be disturbed during meetings, business trips, night or during the weekend.

NOTE: If you are abroad, all phone numbers typed in the list must include the international dialing code followed by the actual number (for example, +1610100100).