Remote management

ESET PROTECT allows you to manage ESET Endpoint Security for Android in a network environment from one central location.

Using ESET PROTECT not only increases your level of security, but also provides ease-of-use in the administration of all ESET products installed on client workstations and mobile devices. Devices with ESET Endpoint Security for Android can connect to ESET PROTECT using any type of internet connection—WiFi, LAN, WLAN, Cellular Network (3G, 4G LTE, HSDPA, GPRS), etc.—as long as it is a regular internet connection (without a proxy or firewall) and both endpoints are configured correctly.

When connecting to ESET PROTECT over a cellular network, a successful connection depends on the mobile network provider and requires a full-featured internet connection.

To connect a device to ESET PROTECT, add the device to the Computers list in ESET PROTECT Web Console, enroll the device using the Device Enrollment task and enter the MDC Server Address.

The enrollment link (MDC Server Address) uses the standard format https://MDCserver:port/token in ESET PROTECT. The link contains the following values:

MDCserver – The full DNS name or public IP address of the server running Mobile Device Connector (MDC). Hostname can only be used if you are connecting through an internal Wi-Fi network.

Port – The port number used to connect to Mobile Device Connector

Token – The string of characters generated by admin in ESET PROTECT Web Console

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