Remote commands

Remote commands can be triggered three ways:

directly from ESET PROTECT Console

using the Send command feature in ESET Endpoint Security for Android installed on the admin's Android device

by sending SMS text messages from admin's device

To make the execution of the SMS commands easier for an administrator not using ESET PROTECT, commands can be triggered from ESET Endpoint Security for Android installed on the admin's Android device. Instead of manually typing the text message and verifying the command with the verification code, the admin can use the Send command feature (only available in Admin mode). An administrator can enter the phone number or choose a contact and select the command to send from the drop-down menu. ESET Endpoint Security for Android will automatically execute all necessary steps silently in the background.

When sending SMS commands, an admin's phone number must be an Administrator contact on the target device. The administrator will receive a verification code valid for one hour that can be used to execute any of the commands listed below. The code should be appended to the message where the command is sent in the following format: eset find code. The administrator will receive a confirmation once the command has been executed on the target device. The following SMS commands can be sent:

SMS command: eset find
You will receive a text message with the GPS coordinates of the target device, including a link to its location on Google maps. The device will send a new SMS if a more precise location is available after 10 minutes.

SMS command: eset lock
This will lock the device—you will be able to unlock it using the Admin password or the Unlock remote command. When sending this command via SMS, you can append a custom message that will be displayed on the locked device's screen. Use the following format: eset lock code message. If you leave the message parameter empty, a message from the Lock screen info section will be displayed.

SMS command: eset unlock
The device will be unlocked and the SIM card currently in the device will be saved as a Trusted SIM.

SMS command: eset siren
A loud siren will play even if the device is set to mute.

Enhanced factory reset
SMS command: eset enhanced factory reset
This will reset the device to its factory settings. All accessible data will be erased and file headers will be removed. The process can take several minutes.

SMS command: eset wipe
All contacts, messages, emails, accounts, SD card content, pictures, music and videos stored in default folders will be permanently erased from your device. ESET Endpoint Security for Android will remain installed.

NOTE: SMS commands are not case sensitive.