The Anti-Theft feature protects your mobile device from unauthorized access.

If you lose your device or someone steals it and replaces your SIM card with a new (untrusted) one, the device will automatically be locked by ESET Endpoint Security for Android and an alert SMS will be sent to user-defined phone number(s). This message will include the phone number of the currently inserted SIM card, the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number and the phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. The unauthorized user will not be aware that this message has been sent because it will automatically be deleted from your device's messaging threads. You can also request the GPS coordinates of your lost mobile device, or remotely erase all data stored on the device.


Features support exceptions

Certain Anti-Theft features (Trusted SIM cards and SMS Text Commands) are not available on tablets that do not support messaging.

Anti-Theft features help administrators protect and locate a missing device. Actions may be triggered either from ESET PROTECT or via SMS commands.

ESET Endpoint Security for Android version 2 uses the same SMS commands from version 1 (Lock, Wipe and Find). The following entirely new commands have been added:

Unlockunlocks the locked device

Enhanced Factory resetall accessible data on the device will be quickly removed (file headers will be destroyed) and the device will be reset to its default factory settings

Siren—the lost device will be locked and it will play a very loud sound even if the device is set to mute

To strengthen the security of SMS commands, the administrator will receive a unique and time-limited verification SMS code on his mobile phone (at the number defined in the Admin contacts list) when he executes an SMS command. This verification code will be used to verify a particular command.

For example, if an administrator sends an SMS to a managed device (for example, a lost mobile phone) with the text eset lock, they will receive an SMS with a verification code for that command. The administrator then sends a new SMS to the same phone number with the text eset lock followed by the confirmation code. After these steps, the command will be verified and executed. SMS commands can be sent from any mobile phone and any mobile number listed in the Admin contacts.


When executing commands via SMS, the administrator receives a confirmation SMS that a particular command was sent. When executing commands from ESET PROTECT, the administrator receives a confirmation in ESET PROTECT.

When receiving location info (Find command), the administrator using ESET PROTECT receives the location information in the form of GPS coordinates. When executing the command via SMS, the location information (GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps) is received via SMS. When using the GUI for SMS commands (the Send command feature), the received information is presented in the dedicated GUI.

All Anti-Theft commands can be performed from ESET PROTECT as well. New mobile device management functionality allows the administrators to perform the Anti-Theft commands just by few clicks. Tasks are immediately submitted for executions via a new push-commands processing component (Mobile Device Connector) that is now a part of ESET PROTECT infrastructure.