In the Exclusions section you can exclude certain files/folders, applications, or IP/IPv6 addresses from scanning.

Files and folders listed on the File System tab are excluded from all scanners: startup, real-time, and on-demand (computer scan) The following is on this tab:

Path – The path to excluded files and folders.

Threat – If there is a name of a threat next to an excluded file, it means that the file is only excluded for that threat, but not completely. If that file becomes infected later with other malware, it is detected by the antivirus module.

plus – Creates a new exclusion. Type the path to an object (you can also use the wild cards * and ?) or select the folder or file from the tree structure.

minus – Removes selected entries.

Default – Rolls back exclusions to the last saved state.

On the Web and Mail tab, you can exclude certain Applications or IP/IPv6 addresses from protocol scanning.