Adding Web control rules

The Web control rules window allows you to manually create or modify an existing Web control filtering rule.


Enter a description of the rule into the Name field for better identification.


Click the Enabled switch to disable or enable the rule; this can be useful if you do not want to delete the rule permanently.


Choose between URL-based Action or Category-based Action:

arrow_down_businessURL-based Action

arrow_down_businessCategory-based Action

Access rights

Allow – Access to the URL address/category will be granted.

Warn – Warns the user about the URL address/category.

Warn always – Warns always the user about the URL address/category. You can continue to the website, but the administrator will be notified.

Block – Blocks the URL address/category.

Apply during

Allows you to apply created rule during the certain time. From the drop-down menu, select created time slot.

More information about Time slots

Logging severity

Always – Logs all online communications.

Diagnostic – Logs information needed to fine-tune the program.

Information – Records informative messages, including successful update messages, plus all records above.

Warning – Records critical errors and warning messages.

None – No logs will be created.


The Logging severity can be configured separately for each list. Logs with Warning status can be collected by ESET Security Management Center.

User list

Add – Opens the Select Users or Groups dialog window, which allows you to select desired users. When no user is entered the rule is applied for all users.

Delete – Removes the selected user from the filter.