Upgrading to a more recent version

New versions of ESET Endpoint Security are issued to implement improvements or fix issues that cannot be resolved by automatic updates to program modules.

Upgrading to a more recent version can be accomplished in several ways:

1.Automatically, using ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) or ESET PROTECT Cloud. ESET Endpoint Security version 7 cannot be managed by ESET Remote Administrator.

2.Automatically, using GPO or SCCM.

3.Manually, by downloading and installing a more recent version over the previous one.

Recommended upgrade scenarios

I manage or I want to manage my ESET products remotely

If you manage more than 10 ESET Endpoint products, consider handling upgrades using ESMC or ESET PROTECT Cloud.

Please refer to the following documentation:

ESMC | Upgrade ESET software via a client task

ESMC | Guide for a small to medium-sized businesses that manage up to 250 Windows ESET endpoint products

Introduction to ESET PROTECT Cloud

Upgrading manually on a client workstation

Do not install version 7 over a version 4.x, similarly, if you have an older/non-functional ESET Endpoint Security version 5.x or 6.x.

If you plan to handle upgrades on individual client workstations manually:

1.Verify that your operating system is supported (Windows Vista and Windows XP is not supported for version 7).

2.Download and install a more recent version over the previous one.