Web control

The Web control section allows you to configure settings that protect your company from risk of legal liability. Web control can regulate access to websites that violate intellectual property rights. The goal is to prevent employees from accessing pages with inappropriate or harmful content, or pages that may have a negative impact on productivity.

Web control lets you block webpages that may contain potentially offensive material. In addition, employers or system administrators can prohibit access to more than 27 pre-defined website categories and over 140 subcategories.

By default, Web control is disabled. To activate Web control:

1.Press F5 to enter Advanced setup and expand Web and email > Web control.

2.Select Integrate into system to activate Web control in ESET Endpoint Security.

3.To configure access to specific webpages, click Edit next to Rules to access the Web control rules editor window.



Blocked webpage message and Block webpage graphic fields allow you to easily customize the displayed message when a website is blocked.

This is the default message and design of in-browser notification when a user tries to access a blocked website:




An example of a blocked webpage message would be The webpage was blocked because it is considered inappropriate or with harmful content. Please contact your administrator for details and you can enter a web address or network path with custom image for example http://test.com/test.jpg. The custom image size is set automatically to 90 x 30; images will automatically be scaled to this size if they are not already.



In case you want to block all webpages and leave only certain available, use URL address management.