Edit Rule



On the right side, you can see the Syntax Reference where on the bottom you can find the link to the Rules Guide.

Here you can edit the rule

These actions are available in the edit window:

Admin_Edit_Rule_FinishWhen you are done editing/creating rule, click Finish to save the rule

Admin_Edit_Rule_Check_SyntaxThis is used to check whether there is a problem with the rule

Admin_Edit_Rule_CloseClicking this button will trigger the notification window with these options(only for Customized rules and if they were edited):

Save—Saves the rule

Don't Save—Discards any changes made

Cancel—Returns you back to the edit window

Admin_DeleteDelete opened rule

Admin_Save_AsSaves the rule with the customized name

Admin_Re-RunRedirects you to Create rerun task window

Admin_ExportStarts the export process of the rule, depending on the used web browser. The format of the file is XML