Known issues



In version 1.6, we are introducing a new feature, "Optional Rules". We have a separate group of rules that are not enabled by default, yet they are still installed by the installer but in a disabled state. Users can decide for these rules if they suit their environment and enable them manually.

Having this feature, we have decided to move some of the existing rules to the "Optional" category. It means some of the existing rules enabled in your environment may, after the installation, become disabled because they are updated with the new version of the rule, which is optional now. Please check disabled rules after the upgrade from previous versions if some of the rules you want to have enabled were not disabled by this mechanism.



"When using the All-In-One (AIO) installer from ESET PROTECT to install EEI Agent, apply the same ESET PROTECT policy used in the AIO creation process after the EEI Agent is installed. Otherwise, the EEI Agent will not start sending events to the EEI Server."