Action Buttons

Computers_Details_IncidentUsed to create an incident report

Alarms_Details_Resolved_UnresolvedUsed to mark detection as Resolved or Unresolved.

Alarms_PriorityThe priority of detection. Used to set priority of the detection.

Alarms_Details_ComputerUsed to trigger scan on a monitored computer, create Sysinspector log, reboot or shutdown remotely, Isolate the computer from network or open the computer in ESET PROTECT console.

Alarms_Details_Kill_ProcessUsed to kill the process, that causes the detection trigger. If it is still active in the operational memory. Not available for Firewall, Blocked file type of detection.

Alarms_Details_ExecutableUsed to block hash of the executable or to download file for further investigation of the executable.

Create_Exclusion—Used to create an exclusion for the used rule. Redirected to the Create rule exclusion tab.

Alarms_Edit_RuleUsed to get to Edit Rule section, to edit the rule that triggered the detection. Not available for Firewall, HIPS, Filtered Website, Antivirus, Blocked file type of detection.