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The ESET Endpoint Encryption Server is a browser-based tool for managing users and client machines running ESET Endpoint Encryption.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server provides all the necessary functions to allow an administrator to specify security settings (Full Disk Encryption, Encryption usage and endpoint control) at users’ workstations. Data transferred between users and the EEE Server can be kept on-site, or used as a “cloud” proxy server. All functional communications between the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server and clients are fully encrypted. All data on the ESET Endpoint Encryption Proxy servers is encrypted.

ESET Endpoint Encryption provides the user with full disk, folder, and email encryption, secure data deletion, encrypted virtual disks, encrypted archives, and removable media (memory devices) control.

The administrator of the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server can define the feature set for each user, and restrict or empower as necessary. In ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, you can recover lost user passwords, even for Full Disk Encrypted workstations. You can remotely disable lost or stolen workstations or set them to self-disable after communication with the server is lost. You can control the use of removable media (memory sticks) to prevent data loss or imports of harmful programs.

Supported operating systems:

Desktop operating systems



Windows 11


Windows 10

Server operating system



Server 2022


Server 2019


Server 2016



ESET Endpoint Encryption Server version 3.7 is the last to support Server 2012. More information.

Software requirements:

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server requires the following software components. These will be installed and configured automatically when ESET Endpoint Encryption Server is installed via an all-in-one package.

Apache HTTP Server 2.4

PHP 8.0

Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2019

Microsoft SQL Native Client

.NET Framework version 3.5


Internet Explorer is not supported.

Microsoft Edge version 79 and older are not supported.


Windows Server Core environments are not supported.

Browsers such as Firefox or Chrome are required to access the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server.

The all-in-one package installs and configures the Apache HTTP server. To use IIS, you must install ESET Endpoint Encryption Server manually.

Use the software with Windows Insider Previews for testing purposes only, as data may be at risk.

You need an internet connection for licensing and client management.


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