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If you are migrating from an existing ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server), ensure that the original EEE Server is no longer running. Having two EEE Servers in existence using the same Proxy ID will cause a loss of update packets from the ESET Endpoint Encryption Cloud. You should stop and disable the EEE Server services on the original server and ensure their Start-up type is set to "disabled".

To complete the migration of ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, you need the earlier created backup file. Restoring an EEE Server is done via the Setup Wizard. Simply install the new version of the EEE Server as normal, but copy the backup file to the EEE Server folder before launching the Setup Wizard.

If this is done correctly, you should see the following page in the Setup Wizard.

If you want to restore from the backup file shown, then select the Restore from this backup option.

The wizard will then continue in restore mode as shown below, prompting whether an administrator would prefer to change the database details.


If the backup was created with a password, you must type the password and the restoration will continue.