Minimum System Requirements

See the minimum requirements for the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server below.

Host Operating System

1GB RAM - Or more, dependent on Operating System used

30GB of drive space, minimum

32 bit OS - Windows 7 SP1 or later

64 bit OS - Windows Server 2008 or later


Prerequisite software

(These will be installed and configured automatically when the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server is installed using the all-in-one package)

Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005

Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express 2005, 2008, 2012

Apache 2.4.x or IIS Server 6 or later

PHP 7.2.x thread safe VC9


Other requirements

Access to the internet on port 80 / 443 for connection to the cloud proxy and licensing server's



SMTP account details


Client PC requirements

Windows XP SP3 or greater



60GB+ Hard Disk

Access to Server Proxy (HTTPS)




DESlock+ Enterprise Server v2.10.10 MT / ESET Endpoint Encryption Server v3.0 do not support Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server v2003.


Next, define your Network Configurations.