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Secure—Communication between the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server and the users is encrypted using RSA. Data on any proxy server is also encrypted.

Resilient—Server (local or cloud-based) can safely self-repair in the event of failure.

Flexible—Single or multiple organizations, with either on site or widely distributed users.

Browser-based with simple window display.

Easy to understand Interface, with two main information areas (panels), showing the relationship, properties and in-depth details of any selected user, key or grouping.

Multiple Keys—Multiple encryption keys can be used throughout the organization.

Key Sharing—Encryption keys can be shared between users and departments through Encryption Groups.

Administrator control—three pre-defined administrator levels, each with different control functions (System Admin, Admin and Help desk).

Roles—Administrators can define custom roles for ESET Endpoint Encryption Server access, allowing the delegation of simpler tasks to other users without compromising the system security.

Team profiles—can be propagated through the organization simply and effectively.

Remote Full Disk Encryption—initiation of Full Disk Encryption is performed remotely.

Wide Distribution of Clients—Client workstations may be based locally or controlled via remote server or the internet.

Full Disk Encryption


TPM support

macOS support