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Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode allows a Full Disk Encrypted (FDE) workstation to restart without requiring the user to authenticate in the pre-boot environment. It can be used by system administrators working remotely that want to restart Windows; however, the system administrator is not physically present to type credentials at the pre-boot screen.

Use this feature to perform software updates or configuration changes that require a Windows restart.

This feature is optional and disabled by default. If the configured period or number of restarts without authentication has been reached, authentication is required again.


When maintenance mode is enabled on a workstation, the system boots without authentication and thus is not secure from attack.

To Enable Maintenance Mode:

1.Click Workstations > Pre-boot Authentication, and select Disable.

2.Select the appropriate option to limit the validity of maintenance mode:

Hours—Define how many hours the pre-boot authentication is disabled

Date/time—Define the date until which the pre-boot authentication is disabled

Reboots—Define the number of reboots after which pre-boot authentication is required again