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Full Disk Encryption compatibility checks on managed clients in ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

When an ESET Endpoint Encryption client machine is activated with the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, compatibility checks are performed, and the information is returned to the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server. The compatibility checks ensure the client machine is compatible with Full Disk Encryption (FDE) before encryption starts.

The compatibility check results are displayed in the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server at the beginning of the FDE wizard. Compatibility issues include any incompatible software found, disks already encrypted with other software, warnings and suggestions for proceeding.


If no incompatibilities are detected, select the Start Mode option and proceed with the encryption.

We recommend using the Safe Start mode because it checks for compatibility issues on system startup. You can use the Normal start mode, which does not require a restart. However, this does not perform additional checks for startup compatibility.


There are three types of compatibility issues:

Green items contain system information.

Yellow items contain warnings, including any special conditions or actions you must perform to start encryption successfully. In some cases, a warning item will restrict the start mode to Safe Start.

Red items indicate incompatibilities are present. These include any detected issues that will prevent encryption from working. If an item is red, the FDE cannot start until the issue is resolved. Issues may be due to the incompatible software installation or other disk encryption on the system.


Issues causing incompatibility

Incompatible Software

Remove the incompatible software before you continue. You may also need to decrypt the data encrypted with the incompatible software.

PGP, including Symantec Endpoint Encryption

SafeBoot, including McAfee Endpoint Encryption and HP ProtectTools



Check Point





If the system drive is encrypted with BitLocker, it must be decrypted first.

Boot Loaders

Remove an incompatible system boot loader. First, remove the boot loader and a use standard Windows boot loader before you continue.



Raid Disk Controllers

Software RAID is not supported, but some hardware RAID and RAID Ready (IRST) do work without issue. Use Safe Start to check compatibility.


ESET Endpoint Encryption Client System requirements

For compatibility checks to be reported to the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server and to use Safe Start mode, the workstation must have version 4.7.4 or later of the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client. You can start Full Disk Encryption with the previous version, but incompatibilities cannot be checked by the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, and Safe Start mode will not be available. Client checks will still be performed; however, we recommend upgrading the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client to the lastest version.