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Device groups

The Device groups window is divided into two parts. The right part of the window contains a list of devices belonging to the respective group, and the left part of the window contains created groups. Select a group with a list of devices you want to display in the right pane.

When you open the Device groups window and select a group, you can add or remove devices from the list. Another way to add devices to the group is to import them from a file.

Control elements

Add – Add a group by entering its name or a device to the existing group (optionally, you can specify details such as vendor name, model, and serial number).

Edit – Modify the name of a selected group or device's parameters (vendor, model, serial number).

Remove – Delete a selected group or device.

Import – Import a list of devices from a file.

When you are done with customization, click OK. Click Cancel if you want to leave the Device groups window without saving changes.