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Device control

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux provides automatic device (CD/DVD/USB/...) control. This module allows you to block or adjust extended filters/permissions and define a user's ability to access and work with a given device. This is useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the use of devices containing unsolicited content.


Possible file-system damage

Applying a policy with block/read-only action on already connected devices while writing/reading data is in progress may damage their file system because they are forcibly unmounted.


Replace policy

If multiple device control rule policies are applied on an EEAU instance, the last applied policy replaces previous policies' rules.

Supported external devices:

Storage devices connected via USB

Internal CD/DVD drives


Device control can be turned on and configured in ESET PROTECT from the Policies section.

1.In ESET PROTECT, click Policies > New policy and type a name for the policy.

2.Click Settings and select ESET Endpoint for Linux (V7+) from the drop-down menu.

3.Navigate to Device Control.

4.Click the toggle next to Integrate into system.

5.To configure Rules and Groups, click Edit next to the respective item.

6.Navigate to Assign, click Assign, select the desired group of computers.

7.Click OK, then Finish.

See more information on managing endpoint security products from ESET PROTECT.

If a device blocked by an existing rule is connected/inserted, a notification window will be displayed, and access to the device will not be granted.