Search in log

Logs store information about important system events. The log filtering feature allows you to display records about a specific type of event.

Enter the search keyword into the Find text field. If you wish to search the keyword in specific columns, change the filter in the Search in columns drop-down menu.

Record types – Choose one or more record log types from the drop-down menu:

Diagnostic – Logs information needed to fine-tune the program and all records above.
Informative – Records informative messages, including successful update messages, plus all records above.
Warnings – Records critical errors and warning messages.
Errors – Errors such as "Error downloading file" and critical errors will be recorded.
Critical – Logs only critical errors (error starting antivirus protection, etc...).

Time period – Define the time period from which you want the results to be displayed.

Match whole words only – Select this check box if you want to search for specific whole words for more precise results.

Case sensitive – Enable this option if it is important for you to use capital or lower case letters while filtering.

Search upwards – Search results that appear higher in the document will be displayed first.